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La Belle Cuisine - Index Appetizer Recipes

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Fine Cuisine with Art Infusion

"To cook is to create. And to create well...
is an act of integrity, and faith."


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“It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate –
you know somebody’s fingers have been all over it.”

~ Julia Child

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Cheese Shop, Paris, France
Cheese Shop, Paris, France
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Bowman, Charles
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Le Cour de le Chateau I
Le Cour de le Chateau I
Marilyn Hageman
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Academia Barilla Parmigiano Reggiano
Academia Barilla
Parmigiano Reggiano











A Close View of Guacamole Dip
A Close View of Guacamole Dip
Michael Melford
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Brunello di Montalcino
Brunello di Montalcino
Stefano Ferreri
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Fresh Goat's Cheese, Figs, Oil and Rose Wine from Provence
Fresh Goat's Cheese, Figs, Oil and Rose Wine from Provence
Demeurs, Jocelyn
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Cheese Still Life with Red Wine
Cheese Still Life with Red Wine
Hrbkova, Alena
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Barefoot Contessa Parties! Ideas and Recipes for Easy Parties That Are
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French Grand Cru
French Grand Cru
Ferreri, Stefano
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Still-Life with Wine, Cheese and Apples, in the Garden of a House in St. Denis Le Ferment
Still-Life with Wine, Cheese, and Apples, in the Garden of a House in St. Denis Le Ferment
Barbara Van...
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La Belle Cuisine


Almond Chicken Bites, Deep-fried
Antipasti from Mario Batali's
"Simple Italian Food"
Grilled Linguica Crostini with
Red Onion Marmalade
Bruschetta with Bresaola, Eggplant
and Mozzarella
Shrimp Bruschetta from "da Zaccaria"
Warm Terrine of Sausage, Peppers,
Polenta and Mozzarella
Antipasto-Stuffed Baguettes with Tapenade
Apricots Filled with Smoked Trout
Arancini (Rice Balls), Artie Bucco's
Artichauts aux Crevettes (Artichokes
with Shrimp)

Artichokes with Anchoïade
Avocado Appetizers
Avocado Mold, Gigi's
Avocado Mousse with Radish and Coriander

Bar Nuts, Union Square Cafe
Basil Cheese Loaf, Candace's
Beef Carpaccio and Four Ways to
Serve It (Zuni Cafe)

Beef Tartare with Curry Caviar Vinaigrette
Beef Tenderloin and Artichoke
Purée on Rye Toasts

Beignet au Fromage
Beignets, Crawfish, with Spicy Tartar Sauce
Beignets, Eggplant and Shrimp (Emeril)
Beignets d'Huitres (Oyster Puffs)
Beignets, Shrimp and Basil 
Biscotti, Savory 
Biscuits, Cumin
Biscuits, Parmesan Sesame (Laurie Colwin)
Biscuits, Pepper, with Cheddar-Pecan Spread
Bleu Cheese and Pecan Crackers
Blue Cheese Crumble, Oregon
Blintzes, Mushroom 
Brie, Bodacious Baked (The Major)
Brie Cheese Torte with Smoked Salmon and Dill
Brie with Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Chef Keegan) 
Brochettes, Marinated Mozzarella, Roasted
Bell Pepper and Olive
Broccoli Bites, Brockovich (Emeril) 
Bruschetta with Bresaola, Eggplant
and Mozzarella

Bruschetta with Scallops Proven
Bruschetta, Shrimp, from "da Zaccaria"
Bruschetta with White Beans,
Tomatoes and Olives
Cajun Chicken Morsels 
Cajun Popcorn (Chef Paul Prudhomme)
Camembert Three Ways
Camembert, Warm, with Wild
Mushroom Fricassee

Canapé Lorenzo, (Brennan's)
Canapés, Tuna Niçoise
Caponata, Roasted Eggplant
(Barefoot Contessa)

Caviar Recipes!
Petrossian Eggs
Beef Tartare with Curry
Caviar Vinaigrette
Caviar Recipes II
Friantine (Fried Potato Purses
Filled with Caviar)
Salmon and Caviar Quenelles
Cheese Bites, Pecan, Gigi's
Cheesecake, Smoked Sockeye Salmon
Cheesecake, Wild Mushroom and Crab 
Cheese Spread Collection
Garlic Cheese Spread
Garlic Feta Cheese Spread
Herbed Avocado Cheese Spread
Homemade Herb Cheese
Cheese Straws, Mammy's 
Cheese Straws, Mardi Gras
Cheese Straws, Pepper  
Cheesy Retro Stuff
Pineapple Cheese Ball
Tomato-Cheese Log
Pecan Cheese Olives
Olive Cheese Balls
Gigi's Molded Cheese and Liver P
Cherry Tomatoes, Goat Cheese-Stuffed
(Charlie Trotter)
Chicken, Lemon, Grilled, with Satay Dip
(Barefoot Contessa)

Chicken-Liver and Apple Crescents 
Chicken Liver Terrine, Quick
Chicken Nuggets, Three Spice
Chicken Sticks, Parmesan
(The Barefoot Contessa)

Chicken Strips with Special Sauce 
Chicken Wing, Ain't No Thing
(Martha Hall Foose)

Chicken Wings, Grilled, Southwestern,
with Black Bean Dip

Chicken Wings, Margarita, Don Roberto's
(See also Wings, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot)
Chili Strips with Mozzarella and
Cream (Rajas con Crema)

Chopped Liver, Old Country
Chorizo con Queso
Christmas Indulgences
The Major's Bodacious Baked Brie
Escargots d'Alsace Bourguignonne
Salmon Rillettes
Crab Cakes with Sweet Curry-Red Bell
Pepper Sauce (Charlie Trotter)
Crabmeat with Celery Root Mayonnaise
Crabmeat Cheesecakes with Crab Sauce

Crabmeat Mousse 
Crabmeat Remick 
Crabmeat St. Pierre 
Crab with Ravigote Sauce 
Crackers, Stilton and Walnut
(Barefoot Contessa)

Crawfish, Batter-Fried (Paul Prudhomme's
Cajun Popcorn)

Crawfish Beignets with Spicy Tartar Sauce 
Crayfish [Crawfish] Salad with Cream Sauce
(La salade d'
écrevisses en sauce crème)
Creole Tomato and Onion Tart 
Crocked Shrimp and Cheese 
Crostini, Assorted
Crostini, Grilled Linguica, with
Red Onion Marmalade

Crostini con Peperoni (Red and Yellow
Bell Pepper Toasts)

Crostini, Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese
Crostini with Tuna Tapenade
Crudités, Winter, with Walnut-Garlic Dip

Artichoke Dip 
Avocado Salsa, Carmen's Infamous
Baba Ghannouj 
Black Bean Dip, Sam's 
Black Bean Salsa 
Black-Eyed Pea Dip, Zannie's
(Pioneer Woman)
Chorizo con Queso
Chunky Clam and Bacon Dip with Pita Toasts
Cocktail Lobster Dip, Gigi's
Corn Dip, Hot (Emeril)

Crab, Brie and Artichoke Dip, Baked
Crab Dip, Cajun, Natalie's
Cucumber Yogurt Dip 
Enchilada con Queso Dip, Peggy's 
Guacamole, Favorite (with Bean
Burrito Casserole)

Guacamole Superior 
Holy Guacamole!
Basic Guacamole
Winter Guacamole
Craig Claiborne's Guacamole
plus more Guacamole links!

Hot Beef Dip, Gigi's
Hot Crabmeat or Shrimp Dip
Hummus, White Bean, New Orleans
Layered Mexican Dip, My Favorite 
Layered White Bean, Tuna and Vegetable Dip
Lump Crab and Artichoke Dip 
Mashed Potato Dip
Peanut Dipping Sauce (Martha Stewart's
Hors d'oeuvres Handbook)
Ratatouille Dip 
Red Pepper Dip, Hot and Sweet,
with Walnuts

Roquefort Dip with Apple, Endive,
and Celery Hearts
Salsa Collection
Salsa, Fruit, Collection
Shrimp Dip, My Favorite 
Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Spinach Balls with Mustard Sauce

Dim Sum (Shrimp Dumplings), Grace Young
Dumplings, Pork, with Soy-Ginger Sauce (Susanna Foo) 
Dumplings, Scallop,  with Garlic Chives (Chinese)
Dumplings, Shrimp, (Dim Sum), (Grace Young)
Eggplant "Caviar" (Roger Vergé) 
Eggplant-, Roasted, Chèvre Mousse
(White Dog Cafe)

Eggplant Spread
Eggs, Deviled, Gigi's
Eggs, Deviled, Heavenly
Eggs, Petrossian
Escargots d'Alsace Bourguignonne
Fennel Tart with Rosemary 
Filet, Filet, Filet
Foie Gras with Apple Purée and Hazelnuts 
Foie Gras, Blanc de, aux Huitres (Custard
of Foie Gras and Oysters)

Foie Gras, Fabulous
 Foie Gras Facts
Terrine de Foie Gras
Seared Foie Gras with Green Grapes
Caramelized Onion and Foie Gras Bread Pudding
Friantine (Fried Potato Purses Filled with Caviar)
Fritters, Cheese
Fritters, Zucchini
Goat Cheese Appetizers - Two Ways

Goat Cheese, Baked, with Roasted Garlic
and Caramelized Onion

Goat Cheese Crouton with Mushrooms in
Madeira Cream (Bayona, New Orleans)

Gouda Shrimp Puffs, Gigi's 
Gougère, Camilla's

Gravlax - Julia Child
Traditional Gravlax
Quick Gravlax
Gravlax - Jacques Pépin
Instant Gravlax
Salmon Tartare
Cucumber Ribbons
Lemon Peel Garnish
Greek Appetizers (Mezéthes)
Cheese Fritters
Zucchini Fritters
Greek Appetizers (Mez
éthes) Part Two
Baked Olives
Spinach Parcels with Fish Pilaf and
Egg and Lemon Sauce
Greek Appetizers (Mezéthes) Part Three
Cumin Biscuits
Apricots Filled with Smoked Trout
Lamb or Kid Terrine
Guacamole Tostados

Gypsy Spinach Pie
Ham, Potted, with Spices and Port

Heart of Artichoke en Surprise (Arnaud's)
Herbed Cheese Spread 
Herbed Pork and Chicken Liver Terrine
Herring, anyone?

Holiday Appetizers - Quick, Easy, Elegant
Brie Cheese Torte with Smoked Salmon and Dill
Quick Chicken Liver Terrine
Sweet and Spicy Olives
Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Crostini
Winter Crudités with Walnut-Garlic Dip
Quick Hors d'Oeuvre Ideas

Holiday Appetizers - Quick, Easy, Elegant. MORE
Crispy Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Dates
Garlicky Shrimp with Olive Oil
Port-Glazed Walnuts with Stilton
Roquefort Walnut Terrine with Apple Salad
Holiday Appetizers - Quick, Easy, Elegant, MORE, pg 2
Shrimp and Chorizo Flatbreads
Chicken Liver Pâ
té with Figs and Walnuts
Smoked Bluefish
Warm Piquillo and Crab Dip
White Bean Dip with Herbs

Holiday Appetizers, Simple
Blue Cheese Toast
Asparagus and Green Bean Tray
Sausages with Aioli
Mexican Coffee (non-alcoholic)
Pecan Cookies

Hot Pepper Jelly, Sarah Beth's 
Hot Pepper Wings with Cilantro Sour Cream
Hot and Spicy Cucumbers (Chinese)
Jägerfrikadellen, Inge's
Lamb, Baby, Carpaccio of, on Arugula with
Mustard-Rosemary Sauce and Tabouli

Lamb or Kid Terrine
Lamb Skewers, Grilled, with Corn Chutney 
Lentils Vinaigrette
Linguine with Spinach, Garlic, and Olive Oil 
The Liptauer Controversy and
Nigella Lawson's recipe
Liver, Chopped, Old Country

Marinated Tuna Tartare with Goat Cheese 
Melon, Basil-dressed, and Prosciutto with Black
Pepper-Orange Mascarpone (White Dog Cafe)
éthes (Greek Appetizers)
Cheese Fritters
Zucchini Fritters
éthes (Greek Appetizers) Part Two
Baked Olives
Spinach Parcels with Fish Pilaf and
Egg and Lemon Sauce
Mezéthes (Greek Appetizers) Part Three
Cumin Biscuits
Apricots Filled with Smoked Trout
Lamb or Kid Terrine

Mieng Kum
Mousse, Smoked Trout 

Mushroom "Caviar"
Mushroom, Forest, Strudel

Mushroom Leek Turnovers
and White Bean Purée 
Mushroom, Portobello Strudel

Mushroom-Sausage Croustades 
Mushrooms, Chinese, Braised, for a Crowd

Mushrooms, Crab-Stuffed
Mushrooms, Crab-Stuffed, The World's Best 
Mushrooms with Dilled Sour Cream on Toast
Mushrooms, Fresh, with Eggplant and Tomato
Mushrooms, Marinated, Mammy's
Mushrooms Parmigiana, Gigi's
Mushrooms, Portobello, Balsamic-Roasted
Mushrooms, Portobello, Grilled, with Black
Olives and Tomatoes

Mushrooms, Portobello, Grilled, with Red Pepperss

Mushrooms, Stuffed Italienne. Gigi's 

Mushrooms, Stuffed, Martha Stewart 
(Martha Stewart's Hors d'oeuvres Handbook):
Leek, Fennel and Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Broccoli Rabe and Pancetta Stuffed Mushrooms
Polenta Stuffed Mushrooms
Porcini Stuffed Mushrooms with Camembert
Mushroom Tapenade on Toasted Baguette Slices 
Mushroom Tarts, Little (Bay Wolf Restaurant)
Mushroom Tart (Three-Mushroom Tart)
Mushroom Tarts with Onions and Walnuts 
Nachos, Ultimate
Nuts, Curried
Off to a Good Start
Hot and Sweet Red Pepper Dip with Walnuts
Orange Salad with Olives
Tips for Nibbles
Olives, Baked (Greek)
Olives, Herbed
Olives, Lemon- and Herb-Spiced
Onion-Cheese Tartlets
Onion Tart, Open-faced, Mediterranean (Julia) 
Orange Salad with Olives
Oyster and Artichoke Appetizers
Oyster Puffs (Beignets d'Huitres)
Oyster and Sausage Bake, Louisiana (Emeril)  
Oysters, Baked Herbed, Haussner's 
Oysters, Baked, Italian Style (Susan Spicer)

Oysters, Barbecued, with Pickled
Ginger Mignonette Sauce

Oysters Bienville (Arnaud's)
Oysters Bonne Femme (Antoine's)
Oysters en Brochette (Galatoire's)
Oysters, Broiled, with Arugula Pur
ée and
Champagne Sabayon

Oysters, Broiled Crumbed, and Shallots 
Oysters Carnaval (Corinne Dunbar's, New Orleans)
Oysters and Clams with Mignonette Sauce
Oyster-Sausage Bundles (Elizabeth on 37th)
Oyster Shooters, New Orleans 
Oysters Roffignac (Brennan's)
Oysters à la Russe
Oyster Stew, Antoine's (New Orleans)

Oysters with Tangerine Salsa
Pâté d'Aubergine Provençale 
Pâté, Brandied Liver

Pâté, Country 
Pâté Maison, The Compound 
Pâté, Mushroom, Adele Addison's
Pâté, Vegetable and Veal, Waltons
Phyllo, Fabulous, with Fillers (4 filling recipes!)
Pimiento Cheese Spread, (Craig Claiborne)

Porcini Fondue
Pork Tenderloin, Marinated, with Jezebel Sauce 
Portobello Mushrooms, Angel Hair
Pasta, and Fresh Tomato Sauce

Potato Skins, NFL Team
Southwestern Nachos Potato Skins
(Arizona Cardinals)
Muffuletta Potato Skins
(New Orleans Saints)
Texas Chili Potato Skins
(Dallas Cowboys)
Cheeseburgers Potato Skins
(Minnesota Vikings)
Chesapeake Butter Potato Skins
(Baltimore Ravens)
Fried Pork Potato Skins
(Indianapolis Colts)
Deli Pastrami Potato Skins
(New York Jets)
California Fresh Potato Skins
(San Diego Chargers)
Potatoes, Fingerling, with Goat Cheese
Fondue (Martha Stewart)
Potatoes, New, Wrapped in Prosciutto with
Sweet Pepper Soubise

Puffs, Savory (Baking with Julia) including Smoked
Salmon Mousse and Mascarpone-
Vegetable Medley

Quesadillas, Crabmeat, with Pico de Gallo
Quesadillas, Quintessential (Rick Bayless)
Quesadillas, A Variety of
Basic Chicken or Beef Quesadillas
Creamy Chicken Quesadillas
Spicy Chicken, Eggplant and
Red Onion Quesadillas
Smoked Turkey Quesadillas

Quiche, Onion, Crustless (Patricia Wells at
Home in Provence)
Quick, Easy, Yummy!
(It doesn't get any easier than this!)
Crabbies (Paula Deen)
Hogs in a Sleeping Bag (Paula Deen)
Barbecued Shrimp and Bacon
Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Shrimp
Bacon-Wrapped Buffalo Shrimp Cocktail
Cajun Trail Mix
Mississippi Spiced Pecans
Ragout of Wild Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs
Raita, Fresh Corn, with Pappadams

Ravioli Nudi, Florentine

Remoulade Sauce (Galatoire's)
Rice Balls (Arancini), Artie Bucco's

Rillettes of Pork and Duck
Roasted-Vegetable and Goat-Cheese
Terrine (Union Square Cafe)

Roquefort Cream Cheese Loaf (Marcelle Bienvenu)

Salmon, Caramelized, in New Potatoes (Emeril)
Salmon and Caviar Quenelles
Salmon-Caviar Toasts
Salmon Rillettes

Salmon Spread, Gigi's
Sausage Balls, Margaret's 
Scallop Mousse, Bay, Warm, with Arugula
Scallop and Mushroom Pie, Irish
Scallops, Bay
Broiled Bay Scallops on the Half Shell
Scallops with Vodka and Crème Fraîche
Scallop Seviche with Avocado Dressing
Scallops, Hot-Mayonnaise-Glazed (Emeril) 
Scampi Appetizer "Alla Buonavia"
(Lidia Bastianich)

Scampi, Prosciutto-Wrapped
Seafood P
Seafood Spread (Marcelle Bienvenu)

Shellfish and Asian Vegetables, Warm, with
Spicy Ginger-Lime Dressing
Shrimp Balls, Hundred-Corner
Shrimp with Basil, JR's (
Joël Robuchon)
Shrimp, Celery and Ginger Pancakes with Soy-Ginger
Dipping Sauce, Chinese-Style

Shrimp, Cilantro Lime
Shrimp, Famous New Orleans Marinated
(Olivia Manning)

Shrimp, Grilled, with White Beans, Rosemary,
Mâche, and Mint Oil
Shrimp, Jumbo, in Herbed Oil 

Shrimp Maki Rolls with Roasted Red Bell
Pepper Aioli (Charlie Trotter)

Shrimp, Marinated, Spicy 

Shrimp, Pickled (Commander's Palace)
Shrimp, Potted 
Shrimp, Potted (Lee Bailey)

Shrimp with Spicy Fruit Salsa 
Shrimp, Tandoori

Smoked Oyster Mousse
Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Horseradish Spirals
Smoked Salmon Canap
és (Charlie Trotter):
Smoked Salmon Rolls with Hot and
Sour Cucumbers
Smoked Salmon and Avocado Maki Roll
Smoked Salmon Terrine
Smoked Salmon Tartar on Brioche

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches with Red Onion Relish
Smoked Salmon Tartare with Horseradish Cream 

Spareribs, Cantonese
Spare Rib, A Honey of a
Spinach Parcels with Fish Pilaf, Egg and Lemon Sauce

Stilton, Port and Pear "Napoleons" 
Strudel, Crab, Shrimp and Asparagus, Flaky 
Strudel, Forest-Mushroom
Strudel, Portobello
Strudel, Sauerkraut, Sausage and Cheese Strudel 
Summer Rolls, Jicama and Green Papaya 
(Martha Stewart's Hors d'oeuvres Handbook)
Summer Rolls, Starlet, with Sweet Chile Sauce
Super Bowl Tidbits:
Camembert Cr
Blue Shews
Port du Salut Bon Bons
King-Size Steak Tidbits
Crabmeat Parmesan Canap
Toasted Blanched Almonds
Marinated Black and Green Olives
Pork and Ham Meatballs in
Sherry Pepper Sauce
Page 2
Squid and Celery Salad
Garlic Shrimp
Mussels with Ham, Peppers
and Tomatoes

Terrine, Warm, of Sausage, Peppers,
Polenta and Mozzarella

Wings, Hot, Hot, Hot!
Chipotle Buffalo Wings with
Blue Cheese Dip
Jerk Chicken Wings
"Smoking" Wings
Fiery Braised Wings
Wings, Hot, Hot, Hot! (pg 2)
Mexican Chicken Wings in Mole Sauce
Chicken Lollipops
Cajun Chicken Lollipops
Zucchini and Tomato Caviar 

La Belle Cuisine

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