Tablespoon Lying on Pan of Melted Couverture
Tablespoon Lying on Pan
of Melted Couverture

Michael Paul
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La Belle Cuisine - More Chocolate...

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   Fine Cuisine with Art Infusion

"To cook is to create. And to create well...
is an act of integrity, and faith."


Couverture - The Professional View



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"Chocolate flows in deep dark, sweet waves,
a river to ignite my mind and alert my senses."

~ Unknown

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Two Pans of Melted Couverture
Two Pans of Melted Couverture
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Oberhauser, Anita
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White, Dark and Milk Chocolate Pieces
White, Dark and...
Tom Eckerle
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La Belle Cuisine


Couverture - The Professional View

The Chocolate Bible:
A Definitive Sourcebook,
with Over 600 Illustrations

by Christian Teubner, 1997, Penguin Studio

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“The main difference between couverture and the type of chocolate used
for chocolate bars and other commercial chocolate products is the high
cocoa butter content. This allows it to flow more easily, a property that
is very important to the confectionery industry, which uses it for mold-
ing and coating the most varied products, from chocolates to cakes.
The quality of chocolate and couverture depends on the quality of the
cocoa beans and the processing, and this is often reflected in the price.
The ease with which couverture can be worked depends ultimately on
its consistency, and here the industry has a vast palette of products to
offer. When technical experts look at the range of couvertures avail-
able, they do not use terms such as ‘semisweet’, ‘bittersweet’, and
so on, which we see on bars of chocolate. They deal in hard facts.
And look at the percentages of the ingredients:

1. cocoa solids
2. sugar
3. total fat content

The formula on industrial couverture packaging may look something like
this: 60/40/38. This means that there is 60 percent cocoa solids, 40 percent
sugar, and 38 percent total fat content. This describes a bitter couverture,
which is the most frequently used. If it contains less than 60 percent cocoa
components, the couverture is ‘semisweet”; if it contains more than 60 per- cent, it is ‘extra bitter’. A 70/30/38 indicates 70 percent cocoa solids and
only 30 percent sugar. In milk chocolate couverture the average ratio of
cocoa solids is about 36 percent. Its formula is: 36/42/38. The third figure,
the total fat content, indicates the viscosity of the couverture. The higher
the total fat content, the greater the viscosity.”

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